Monday, March 26, 2007

You've waited over a month for this?

I've been a bad blogger. I have no excuse, just busy-ness. I've been caught up in the stuff of everyday life, instead of some of the drama I was before. It's been all good stuff.
There's been alot going on, especially in regards to Nemo. But I'm up too late as it is, so I'm going to have to come back another day. (I promise!!)
Since you've waiting such a very long time for this post (that's really nothing but a hey I'm alive! post) I'm publishing a photo of Lucian.
It was taken about a month ago. We had quite a bit of snow this winter, and this is when it was just starting to melt. He had a blast putting his footprints all along the sidewalk. He was fascinated, saying "Lucian, footprint!" all the way to the front door.