Sunday, June 04, 2006

And even more...

Less than two hours after I posted about the prank calls last night, my cell phone rang. I was wondering who it could be, because only a few people know the number, and I had spoken with all of them earlier in the day.

I look at the number, and it says private call. So I answer it, and get the same thing: silence, and hang up. I immediately went to tell my Dad in the next room. But before I took three steps, the house phone rang.

The same thing happened. This time in particular, I could hear someone there. And they stayed on the line just a fraction of a second longer before hanging up.

Now I know that whoever is calling, is someone that is targeting me. It is someone that has access to both my home and cell phone numbers. I'm even more convinced that it's related to Nemo in some way.

I wish this person would just tell me what they want and leave me alone.

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Tatiana said...

This is not a joke, quite scary... Maybe talk to the police? They will be able to trace the person down!