Saturday, June 03, 2006

More prank phone calls

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I'd had two late night phone calls from a private number.

Last week, there was another, but it was in the morning. My Dad immediately called the police. A policeman was at our door within fifteen minutes. (I was extremely impressed with his expeditiousness.)

Anyway, he was really nice and great about it and did a report. However, unless the calls had been a lot greater in number, they can't do much about it. Still, I felt better knowing that it's been documented.

This week, it was the same day of the week, the same exact time in the morning, and the phone rang again. Private number, and they hung up.

The policeman suggested that maybe it was a telemarketer. Besides the fact that in my experience those calls come up unavailable, not private number, I don't know of any telemarketers that call in the middle of the night. I do, however, know of a str*ipper that likes to make late night phone calls.

My bet is on Nemo. I don't necessarily think that it's him, because I just can't see the sense in that (although, he's done a lot of things that don't make sense). But directly or indirectly, I think the calls are related to him.

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