Thursday, February 21, 2008


Nemo sent me a gift for Valentine's Day. It was a monogramed article of clothing (God am I so paranoid that I think he's going to look up specifically what he sent me? Apparently, yes.) It arrived in the mail in a giftbox and with a card.

As far as Valentine's Day gifts go, it was probably my best ever. As far as gifts from Nemo go, it was probably in the top 10. Although I will say that when he was still at the point of buying me gifts, he was always generous. Not always thoughtful, but generous.

Oftentimes I would receive a gift that was fun (a digital camera, cell phone, other electronic item) but wasn't the most meaningful gift. I always wrote it off to the fact that he's just a different type of giver than I am. I like to pay attention to the receiver's wants and needs and pick out something they might not have specifically asked for and they didn't even know they wanted.

In the last year, Nemo has gotten me several gifts that he put some thought into. For Mother's Day he bought me the last book in the Harry Potter series. For my birthday he bought me steaks that I had briefly mentioned in passing.

I still don't trust him. I still haven't forgotten the things that he put me through. But I will say, I'm pleased that he's finally thinking about me in a different way. From a perspective of thoughtfulness.


Anonymous said...

well, no doubt you will seem like a challenge now and those types of guys will work hard to impress but as soon as they get what they want the impressing goes out the window and the shit behaviour returns. So, all I can say is don't get sucked in. Its nothing but a game to them.

Anonymous said...
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