Saturday, June 10, 2006

Suspicions confirmed

I found out who has been pranking me. Surprise, surprise! The number that showed up on the bill is my old phone number.

So either Nemo or Elvira has been making the calls. (and since many of them have occurred during times when Nemo should be at work, I'm pretty much convinced that it's Elvira.) I can't figure out why.

Elvira is someone who controlled my husband from day one. Stayed with him when she found out he was married, and I pregnant. Has a child and a house of her own. After Nemo and I divorced, she moved into my house. So now she has my husband, my house, my stuff (had to leave alot), so I can't figure out what more she would want from me.

Why can't I just be left alone?

Note: I have to wait until next month's phone bill to see the rest of the calls. But I will be following up with the police. I'm unsure if I'm going to broach the subject with Nemo again or not.

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