Monday, June 26, 2006

What to call him

Lucian calls my Dad Papa. He says it with so much affection in his voice. He loves my Dad so much and it warms my heart when I hear him call out for his Papa. My Dad is definitely the father figure in Lucian's life.

At this point, I have not heard Lucian call Nemo anything. I'm torn as to what to do. Since I don't see Nemo as Lucian's father, I can't bring myself to say the word Dad (or Daddy, Father, etc) in reference to Nemo. I know at some point as Lucian starts talking and understanding more, he's going to be questioning things, and I'm going to need to make up my mind about how I'm going to refer to Nemo. I've thought about just calling him Nemo and leaving it at that. Letting Lucian make up his own mind.

What do you call the person who is not the sperm donor, not a father in any sense of the word, who is involved with your child on a very limited, detached basis? I want to do what's best for Lucian, and if it means that I have to refer to Nemo as Dad, I will. I just don't know how easily my tongue will let me say the word.

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Tatiana said...

It is a very tough decision and you are the only one who can make it. I would go with the name though for the same reasons you describe here.
Good luck, strong woman.